Since 2009, Allegis Wealth Advisors has provided a full range of financial services to independent financial advisors in the United States. Through its marketing services, the firm enables advisors to grow their client bases and better serve their needs. Together with the app-based tool Gainfully, Allegis Wealth Advisors educates advisors on the fundamentals of social media marketing, which represents a highly efficient way to engage clients. The firm also offers support services in seminar marketing, referral marketing, and policy and beneficiary audits.

In addition to its marketing services, Allegis Investment Advisors frequently advises clients on the best ways to address their sales needs. The firm benefits from a highly diversified carrier selection, as well as carrier leverage and considerable underwriting resources. Clients also enjoy access to proprietary strategy tools, providing them with analysis and recommendation reports.

In terms of back office support, Allegis stresses the importance of a streamlined, well-organized team for organizations of all sizes. Back office support services include paperwork submission, VoIP call center technology, electric contracting, and more.